my love...i miss you so much

still remember that period before i leave
someone accompanied me for one week
he be my side
he stay at my place
he do everything with me

start journey
yeah yeah~~

 go movie at one utama
then only go home

second day
then we go to sunway lagoon
yeah yeah
water park!!!!!
owh...i'm so happy ah??
we played at the water park
we played all of the lanes
it really funny and nice
i didn't shout much but i'm enjoyed =)
both have the same action
hiak hiak hiak
black and white
ah dear very black eh and i'm very white
taken when on the lift
ah dear de shoulder very comfortable
nice to ly on
i love it
wahaha...i really love him
outing with my primary school friends
just few of us that day
some have jobs...so they are absent
saturday night
my family made a farewell party for me
friends and relatives are invited
that night...are the night that we have fun with relatives and friends
my ah dear very cute
love his smiles always =)
my tears??
no la!!! just act for fun!!! haha
 he want to kiss me?? (@.@)
 aiyak aiyak!!!
 aiyok aiyok!!!
didn't kiss dao~
aiseh man!!!!
kiss dao liao!!!
wahaha.......shy shy nya o(@.@)o
he fierce me again
haha!!! but i'm not scare of him

 the last day we spent together
his oreo and my mix fruits =)
both also nice *thumbs up!!!

 the day before i leave
he sent the pictures for me
ask me which suit better???
at last
we have the same taste =) 
we choosed the first pic!!!

31st of august
i'm leaving and going to shanghai for my studies
many people are sending me there including my bestie
~muack muack~
hehe...i'm cute and pretty
love myself so much!!!
these photos are taken in the airport
the last group of photos we taken before i leave
what a memorable photos i have

every time when i feel lonely or sad or whatever thing
i will refer to them
then i will feel energetic back
or in a sudden i receive a msg from him
i will feel warm
because most of the time i receive a sweet msg from him
for sure i'm having or facing something sad
then his msg could warm my heart
make my heart feel not so lonely nor emo
i need his supports =)
i need him too
i miss him badly at shanghai
~love you~

i didn't write much
because all the pictures shows everything of us
and every feeling
some feeling can't describe through "abcd....xyz"


life in china

hey guys
have been a long time since i left here
now i know
china can't facebook
they can't blog too!!!!!

have no picture for this post
using friend's lappie

life here feel good
but the people here and my housemate doesn't feel good
since i came here
been bullied by the china people for N times
yesterday still let them "rampas" my money (T_T)
my housemate
doesn't look like a good person
it's selfish...childish and so on
but have to thanks him
cause he trained up my patients
make me doesn't get mad easily
and know how to calm down myself
but sometimes i was wondering
do i made a right decision??
that i keep give him some respect and care his and his friends' "Face"....
it made them become more and more over
do i need to scold them 99 once if they make me angry once more?
i keep telling myself
once i can pass this
i guess there are nothing can challenge me in the future

i'm finding a place to move out
i'm still in the awaiting list
hopoe everything can goes smoothly
i don't want to stay in this dirty house
with this kind of lack of mannus and respect person
it will make my standard become lower and lower
last night he brought his friend came to our house
he is a smoker
i'm wondering that did he smoke in our toilet???
cause i feel bad when i open my door
last night he brought in a smoker friend
and....will he bring in a drinker friend?
and my situation will be dangerous?
i'm not willing to think too much
just i want to scold out many many words to express my bad feelings
maybe i shouldn't be a good girl right now
i should be stirct

i don't want his friends keep shouting in my house and talk loudly
just like the place are their place
and they can do everything they want
really didn't care of people's feelings
they are too selfish!!!!!
i really hope that i could move out ASAP
god bless me

besides this
everything at here are good and fine
i love my life here
i love to study at here
i can learn a lots of things and knowledges
i believe that
this will be my last destinatioin for my degree

i will update myself when i back to malaysia
and post more n more pictures and write as long as i can
cause the life here are too fantastic!!!! yeah yeah


just for you...engsheong the Tiew

~what a funny couple~
always tease each other
this is one of our hobby when we're together
we always care each other
he cares my safety and i care his stomach
i always worry he don't have his meals
although i know he won't hunger himself

silly face
we always love to do so
it's quite fun
after the photos we will look through the photos we took
then argue at there and tease each other
and look out for the nicer pic
those memories are all so memorable for me
love it so much!!!
really hope that can make an album of them
then i can bring it to shanghai
how lovely is that (^_^)

who's more fierce???
but i feel he is so cute!!!
so i don't scare him
unless he's really angry
my hubby leh...how can i scare him de leh???
not so reasonable right? =)

he never give me any commitment
although i really hope that i can get it
but he did all of it by actions
i think it is better then the promises
maybe one action can replace one promise which never come true

although he can't consider as a lengzai
but he have his own temperament
for me...he is a lengzai
he have a good temper...caring and loving
he train me a lots
at least i learn something from him
he made me understand many things
he train me how to see thing from different ways
he train me how to think positively

a women behind a success man
no doubt...he is CUTE!!!
just look like a kiddo
i guess he is the one who won't grow older as time pass
maybe ten years later
he will still look the same
still will look young

remember that he blame on me
"why you always wear this shirt when you come out with me???"
after his words only i realise
maybe i love this shirt too much!!!
it will be my first choice when i'm going out with him
i love red...i love this shirt...

he love to bite me
cause he says i'm chubby
it's so nice to bite or punch
so everytime he saw me
he will bite me or punch me automatically
as time passed
i will only stand at there and let him to bite
then will shouts " it's pain!!! it's too pain!!! "
then only he will release
it looks or sounds evil
but i already get use to it
so i feel so happy
~one of our happiness~

~kiss kiss~ ~muacks <3 ~
first time see he cut BOTAK
i feel not bad
just his head will look smaller
if his head can grow bigger and he cut botak
then it really will look perfect!!!

there are still have some of our pic
just keep them as our memories and our own secrets =)
ah dear o ah dear
you love to bite/punch me
but do you know that?
i love to bite/punch by you too
cause after that action
both of us will laugh like nothing and feel happy
so the pain will gone very fast too

these few months you really suffer
what had happened just keep as secrets ok?
i know you know ok le
because start from now on
we will have our new life again
we will creates more our own memories
and and AND
your guai guai mun mun is coming back!!!
darl love you dear...always remember this

i will never make you feel unhappy
i will never left you alone
i will always by your side when you need me
i will love you always
and i will never leave you here
cause i want to hold you tightly
and cross over every obstacles till the end
i have the confident to us
we will make it and we can make it!!!
the worst already past...so...a better life are coming
and we are the one who are walking on it

may you give me your hand?





烦啊~烦啊~烦~~烦啊~ 烦~~


>>> 他担心的也是我担心的...我也怕他会被其他女生勾掉 :-(

" dear...are you ready to bear all these with me??? "
" i'm ready to bear the responsible of our relationship...until we get marry...are you ready?? can you wait for me ??? "

i hope what i can get from you at the end / in the future
is your everlasting commitment to me
no worries
i will wait till the end
hope that you will wait too <3

p/s : last time...you saw the post from this blog...then only you dare to chase me( or else you are going to give up cause i never want to have another relationship...luckily you saw it...luckily you concern me enough...I LOVE YOU )...and now we are a happy couple and we have a lovely relationship...so...i hope this post can make us a commitment to wait for each other...and hope that we can continue our journey with holding the hands in the future with each other and passing / settle all the problems with each other...blessing us...to have a lovely and happiness life in the future with each other.

p/s : since "that" time...i believe this blog could bring us to be together...no matter is past time...now...or in the future  <3 and so...i will still love you so much so much no matter where i am...you are still my lovely dear...ah dear...ah sheong...sheong sheong...lao gong...in my heart...there are no one can replace you...unless you are willing to give out your place to other...Do you REMEMBER??? we are already thrown away the keys after we locked the door... ...remember ???


it's our love (^__^)

i do believe
when you loves someone
you are willing to do anything for he / she
it's all about love
it's all because of love

on 2nd of june 2011
we went to sunway pyramid
although it's near to my final exams
but we still go out
we watched << kung fu panda 2 >>
because he know i want to watch cartoon
so he bought this ticket for me
although finally he slept inside the cinema
but i feel happy
and i'm not angry
because he watch cartoon because of me

and << pirates of the caribbean 4 >>
this movie
i remember i only watched one of it
i forgot which season already
but it's nice
and this time i watch it
i feel it's nice and funny
i feel like it doesn't have much humor like last season
i feel happy too
cause we are watching it together
and the action parts in this movie really so "wuhuhu~"
both of them are nice movies!!!!!

next round...
will be my << ice age 4  >>
hope i can watch it before i went to ShangHai
hope so hope so
cause that time i watch trailer before the << kung fu panda 2 >>
i laugh till don't know like what
besides those kids are laughing
one of the sound are from me
really feel that i'm childish when he looking at me
i really feel very happy that time
i know i laugh it from my heart
it's all my true happiness
so i don't bother what's peoples think about me
same to him
i scare him in daily life
but when in front of the cartoon
my "afraid" on him doesn't work at that moments
i stopped laugh for awhile
but i starts to laugh again afterward =)

after the panda
we went to SUSHI ZANMAI!!!!!
he promised me that he want to bring me to
he did what he promised me
so good eh him
i ordered a lots of foods
got soup...sashimi...crab sushi...ikura cawanmushi...fry prawns...and 2 tofu skin sushi
i starts to love tofu skin sushi because of him
that's the sashimi and crab sushi
the others....hmmm...i forgot to take photos
see that???
it's his fingers!!!!!

i know he don't like sushi
but he go with me
and sit at there look at me
he see i eat till so happy
and he also start to play with it and my phone
just like a kid
and he love to take photos
( is boring or love??? )
luckily got him
if not i won't have so much photos with me
he doesn't like my sashimi
~sad sad~
still said they are smelly!!!!!
you this bamboo bear =(
he said he wanna eat "pork leg"
so he bites me
i'm a pig in his heart
i didn't bother and keep eating my delicious sashimi
and he....
closed his nose and blame on them
then i revenge with my crab sushi
and take one of my sashimi to lick his lips
wahaha....he suddenly changed his face
yor...scary lor....BLEK (>.^)
annah annah
~peace peace~
no need to show out your SHOCK face to me geh
make a ghost face which requested by me
but failed
hmmm...he look nice but i look so funny eh
he's not enjoy with it
so it consider as failed!!!!!
he bites me!!!!!
in this picture
i look nice
the photo feel so soft and the lightening are nice
is this taken when i'm finished my meal?
feel that this is the only picture i love the most
but it's too bad because you take it as your profile picture
but mine also not bad la
very funny =)

BUT... ....

when i pay for the receipt
RM 106.45
seem like i have too long time didn't eat my sushi
so i ordered all the foods i loves
normally i only order those foods when i'm with daddy or laopo
i will only order little when i'm alone
but when i'm unhappy or i too happy
i will allow myself to eat that much also
hahaha....i'm willing to save money because of those delicious foods!!!!!
but don't feel that it's a waste yea =)
ENJOY foods and travels are all my beloved
so so so... ...

it's our love eh dear
you must remember all these memories ya
we will take lots of photos when we are together yea
and in trip =)
hmmm...the time left for us are too little
we must take as much as photos and make it as our memories
at least we still have our memories accompanying us
when each other are not besides us
love yea dear
and cheer

i know i will cry easily
hope that you won't feel that's annoying
it's not my wants
i also don't know why my tears will drop easily
huh...i can't control it de mah
that's why i always told you
don't and never challenge my tears
and i will really cry easily

ya ya ya
our memories are sweet
although your stubborns and emotions make me really angry sometimes
but anger can't fight with the love
it will disappear very fast...very soon


i will wait you if you wait me as well
i will do what i promise
i will never break my promises
i won't break this promise
just one word
as you want...as you says
"wait" or "don't wait"
just one word
and i will do it and i will stand until the end
i believe love can make everything
~i do believe~